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ARTiFACES Professional Face Painting is delighted to travel for FREE to many locations.  Some have a small one-time surcharge:

  • complimentary: Mason, Monroe, Liberty Twp, West Chester, Fairfield, Springboro, Red Lion, Lebanon, Turtlecreek, Franklin

  • $20: Miamisburg, Centerville, Loveland, Morrow, Sharonville, Blue Ash, Hamilton, Deerfield Twp, Trenton, Montgomery, South Lebanon, Springdale

  • $30: Beavercreek, Kettering, Milford, Sycamore, Moraine

  • $35: Cincinnati, Dayton


Our most requested times are Saturdays 12-4pm. If you would like to check if your preferred day/time is available, please email us with the following:

  • date and time

  • location

  • estimated number of guests


Similar to above, please email us with the following:

  • date and time

  • location

  • estimated number of guests

We will email you back with our Agreement (here are generic copies of the small event agreement and the large event agreement for you to peruse/use).  Once that is signed and returned to us and a deposit is made, you will be permanently reserved for your chosen date/time/location​


  • A retainer of 50% is required to reserve; the remainder is due upon the artist(s) arrival, or before. Retainers are generally not refundable: you become our priority and we turn down other clients.4-

    • Good news however: there is an exception! If we can rebook your date to another opening, your retainer moves with you; this must be done at least a week before your original date, which allows us to fill your date with another last-minute client.

  • Note that most event requests are Saturdays between noon and 4pm (some Sundays), which allows only one or two events per weekend day - there is competition for dates!

  • We ask that you pay for the full time booked, even if artist is used for less time than originally reserved - again because we turn down other clients.

  • Please rest easy, in 12 years we have only kept 2 deposits - both were due to severe thunderstorms at pool locations (with no backup location).



We accept:

  • PayPal, Zelle, Venmo

  • money orders, checks (payable to ARTiFACES)

  • cash


We paint one guest at a time (others usually enjoying watching or interacting with the artist). While we are painting you can have other events going on (free play, gift opening, awards, games, etc). 

  • at smaller events (birthday parties) we average one face in 5 minutes (see "regular" designs in the Photo Gallery)

  • at larger events (company, school, church, community, fundraisers, reunions) we work fast - we create an entire "wow" face in about 2 minutes (see "speed" designs in the Photo Gallery).

We love the challenge of speed work - and guests love to watch us! To speed us up at large events, consider having a volunteer (parent, teen, etc.) to help us - they help manage the line and help guests contemplate their design choices - ensuring that we keep focused on only the creative portion, freeing us to paint more guests.


We are delighted to paint any guests 2 years and over (child must be willing, and able to ask for a design themselves). We try to paint all children before moving on to adults when possible.


While we will change our setup (depending upon location, weather type of event, etc.) in general we bring a large cart (that transforms into a small table), a director's chair for the child/guest to sit in, and also a display of our most popular designs for guests to choose from. An artist generally requires a space of 6' by 6'. If your event is large, also consider that we tend to draw a small crowd!


INDOORS: client is requested to provide rest room access, and 6’ x 6’ space for our setup
OUTDOORS: we are delighted to work outdoors under normal weather conditions, but a suitable
shelter from the sun (such as canopy, tent, or porch) is required – the sun will degrade our products. If you prefer, artist can bring own sun protection (10’ x 10’' tent), for a $50 fee. In case of more extreme
weather (rain/drizzle, extreme heat/cold, or high wind), client is asked to provide an alternate backup location. Please provide a minimum of 6’ x 6’ space per artist.


Overtime: artists are sometimes able to stay longer, if you need. Additional ½ hour increments are $38. It is best to book enough time originally, to avoid gaps in service, and to avoid leaving any children out! We are happy to help you with time estimates... simply email us how many children you estimate at your event.


While other artists occasionally "borrow" our photos (we don't mind, it is flattering), every photograph in the Photo Gallery (and on this site) is our OWN work.


If your event has a theme let us know, as we might have some designs to match. Just be aware that most often, children will pick designs that are not theme related - princesses, cats/tigers, and superheroes are always the most picked/loved designs!


We are often asked to paint for free for a great CAUSE - or for "exposure". We absolutely do paint for charity, however we reach out to the organizations ourselves, as they are ones that are close to our hearts (adoption, foster care). Your cause is truly wonderful - thank you for what you do!


Both of these are very infrequent occurrences:

  • If artist is ill we will move mountains to find a replacement artist.

  • If a guest is ill (or has sores, rash, or cough/congestion) we will gently ask that they refrain from getting painted.


We are happy to do cheek art. Note that it usually takes us LONGER to do "something small" than a half or full face that we have practiced. Volunteer face painters (such as at school fairs) do cheek art because they think it is quicker than full faces.  But: we are faster at filling a half or full face because we GO BIG (for the kids) - they just like it so much more. We train (like athletes) for this!


For larger events we can provide multiple artists.  Feel free to email us, we are happy to help you determine what might fit in best with your event.


We are VERY good at what we do. In fact, we train other artists via video and online instruction (speed painting and technique). We train ourselves at conventions, through online courses, and have "jams" with other artists to exercise our artistic muscles, and to share and learn. We take our jobs very seriously.  We are professionals, and among the best face painters in the state of Ohio.


ARTiFACES Professional Face Painting uses only premium water-based professional face/body art products. They comply with FDA regulations*, but also are safety tested for use on skin. Glitter is cosmetic-grade, and safe for eyes/mouth.  Everything washes off easily with baby wipes or mild soap. Only the smile remains!

Additionally, we have 2 things that many facepainters do not: background checks (via CHECKR) and liability insurance.

*... also comply with stricter U.S toy regulations - children can put them in their eyes, nose, or swallow them safely!

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